Decay  - Split Decompositions

Decay - Split Decompositions mp3 download flac

Performer: Decay
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Album: Split Decompositions
Released: 2004
Style: Grindcore, Death Metal

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Abosranie Bogom / Decay Split
1 Abosranie Bogom Shit Xmas Mince Pies
2 Abosranie Bogom Pregnant With Turds
3 Abosranie Bogom Turd Rugby Insanity
4 Decay Pulsating Regurgitations
5 Decay Feeding On The Vulgar Discharge
Cauterized / Decay Split
1 Cauterized From The Anatomical Depths (Written By Dead Infection)
2 Cauterized Maggots In Your Flesh (Written By Dead Infection)
3 Decay Autophagia (Written By Dead Infection)
4 Decay Day Of Decay (Written By Dead Infection)
Gutsfuck / Decay Split
1 Gutsfuck The Smell Of Putrid Solid Waste
2 Gutsfuck Perpetual Sperm Injections (Written By Gut)
3 Decay Sore Anus
4 Decay Cuntshredder / Defaced Cunt (Written By Gut)
Suppurative Purulence / Decay Split
1 Suppurative Purulence Severing Entrails From Virgin's Cunt
2 Suppurative Purulence Covered With Cadaveric Slime
3 Suppurative Purulence Bursting And Cannibalizing Innards
4 Suppurative Purulence Feasting On The Remains
5 Suppurative Purulence Emphysema Cadaverosum (Written By Lymphatic Phlegm)
6 Decay Necrocannibalism
7 Decay Excremental Mess Of Fecal Putrilage (Written By Last Days Of Humanity)
8 Decay Grotesque Laceration Of Mortified Flesh (Written By General Surgery)
Decay - Is Dead VCDR
1 Decay Maggots Consuming Cranial Contents
2 Decay Cuntshredder (Written By Gut)
3 Decay Anatomical Septicemia
4 Decay Emphysema Cadaverosum (Written By Lymphatic Phlegm)


4 Split Composition Sessions From Decay Who Is Now RIP... Includes The Bands That Did The Split And A VCDR With Bonus Stuff. Comes In A Textured Box. Limited To 50.
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